A taste branding consultancy

committed to personalised multi-sensory food experiences.

To those who crave something real,

who know connections are created beyond screens.

We hear you!


Why tell a story when
you can taste one?


Miller Libertine is a taste branding consultancy. We build distinctive connections and loyalty at the deepest level between you and your most valued clients. We combine stories with culinary excellence to create personalised multi-sensory edible masterpieces and dining experiences. Our projects vary widely ranging from bespoke confectionary and beverages to experiences such as brunch or afternoon tea.

Brands we’ve brought to life through taste:


Working from a story, idea or set of objectives we distil the unique flavour of your brand, event or personality into an exquisite taste experience. We work with you to build rich stories and delectable narratives into edible products, using our idiosyncratic approach to flavour and sensory experiences.


We commit to a craft that awakens the senses and allows people to lose
themselves completely in a different world.


We harness the power of food to create deep bonds. We use natural, seasonal ingredients with considered techniques to curate distinctive flavours and taste adventures that immerse people in the familiar and new. We are committed to enhancing the world through flavour and taste, one bite at a time.


Natasha is the visionary behind Miller Libertine, who started her business to show her clients, community and the wider world that life is richer when you can taste it. Natasha’s taste education began with childhood weekly shopping trips to a popular Hackney market with her grandmother. She learnt precious skills even the best French culinary colleges do not teach; the importance of touch and scent to discern the sweetest pineapples and juiciest strawberries.


Life is richer when you can taste it! Food is powerful, it inspires deep and enduring connections between an individual and a time, place, feeling, and indeed others.


The rich connection between flavour and memory is undisputed, this mysterious and elusive relationship is explored by neuroscientists.

In At The Miller Libertine Table, we chronicle the intimate memories of those who inspire us most. In sharing their stories, they not only reveal the textures, tastes, sounds and smells that have shaped their most vivid taste experiences, but also something meaningful and often surprising about themselves.

Coming in Autumn 2018


The world is full of wonder for children who have a natural taste for the impossible, they push boundaries and break convention.

Inspired by their energetic playfulness and boldness we designed a plant based cake collection that questioned why vegetables do not belong in cakes. The result was a collection bursting with irreverence, attitude and surprise.

The Young Radicals’ cookery workshops are launching in 2018 in conjunction with The Indytute, Time Out and Foodism.

Food nourishes people, generosity changes them